Traveling Camping Outdoor Metal Pill Storage Case Box Organizer


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Material: Stainless steel + silver plated with glass lens cover + ABS plastic container
Dimensions: About 4.5*1.5CM
Product Features: Lightweight and easy to carry, convenient and practical, beautiful and stylish, two lattice  design, durable
1 Safe and secure, ultra-portable, one-handed grip size can be used to carry classified to carry drugs, the elderly essential travel
2 Can put in place to carry chewing gum tablets or vitamin pills and other small objects, exquisite appearance, adhesion moisture, only palm-sized, suitable for urban young men and women to carry out casual play, readily can be put in a suit pocket or shir pocket, unknowingly revealed you require a perfect unique taste.
3 Portable mini storage box, you can put some small jewelry such as earrings, make your desktop clean and tidy.

Package Includes:
1x Pill box