Sports Hunting Football Referee Rescue Whistle


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Material: Plastic
Color: Black
Size (approx): 5 x 2 x 6cm (L x W x H)

It delivers a clear, high frequency sound, which alerting tone are impossible for anyone to ignore.
Personal safety at your fingertips, it's loudest sound may save your life at a emergency situation!
Great for daily activities like camping, hiking, fishing, hunting activities!
Special finger holder design, very convenient to use.
Ideal for personal safety, game, officials, divers, life guards, boaters, campers, hikers, hunters.
Can not be overpower sound! So loud that the Storm can be heard over cheering crowds, waves and wind.

This is not a toy! Please keep it away from children!
The whistle is very loud. Continues use may cause hearing loss.
Use ear protection and never blow close to listeners ear.
Please don't use the whistle in a closed environment.

Package includes:
1 x Whistle