Map Compass Ruler Scale Baseplate For Hiking Camping Boating


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Map Compass Ruler Scale Baseplate For Hiking Camping Boating


Made of plastic, Light weight and portable.
Inch and millimeter scales for mapping or plotting.
Map measuring scales mm 1:25,000 and 1:50,000.
Protractor compass for measuring direction.
Lanyard hole on the base plate for easy carrying (lanyard included).
Luminous needles and points for navigation in the dark.
Rotating dial and large magnifying glass.
Rotating adjustable navigation ring for map reading.
Fits for most indoor like home maintenance and outdoor activities like camping, map reading, fishing, hiking, night, fishing, night flying, hiking backpacking etc.


Color: Transparent
Diameter: 127 x 60 x 17mm (L x W x T)
Compass face diameter: Approx. 4.3cm


1, A vacuum oil-compass (red arrow pointing north).
2, Magnifier.
3, 1:25000 proportion of the ruler measure.
4, 1:50000 proportion of ruler measure.
5, Precision metric up to 1mm.
6, Frequently asked tag template .
8, Can be used as graduated scale, so that children learn to use a compass to identify the direction.
9, Can be used to confirm the orientation of the construction of housing sites.

Packing included:

1 x Baseplate map compass with neck strap