Camping Traveling Portable Hammock Hanging Mesh Sleeping Bed


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Material: Nylon
Color: Navy Blue / Army Green / Grass Green / Red / Orange
The total length is about 280cm, can lying man length is 210cm, width 80cm 
Rims: Rims thickness of 0.5cm, 4.5cm in diameter 
Load: Security weighing 200 pounds 

Solid, comfortable, carrying capacity is strong enough and convenient for carry.

Great for camping, hunting, hiking, traveling, beach, backyard,etc.
Perfect for relaxing by the pool or enjoying a wonderful evening.
Keep campers away from stony ground, slopes, small animals, reptiles and insects.
Hammock Note: 
1, In use process do not apply excessive force to avoid contact fracture. 
2, Hanging hammocks support points must be firmly , hanging height can not too high to avoid accidentally fell off.
3, Do not put the rope tied to the sharp anchor, to avoid damage to the rope.
Package Includes:
1 x Camping Hammock 

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