52*21Cm Baby Pool Float Toy Infant Ring Toddler Inflatable Ring Sit in Swimming Pool



Product Characteristic
1.Pool full of unique internal and external printing,brilliant colors,can stimulate the baby's optic nerve.
2.Using double crystal bubble bottom, more comfortable and safer.
3.Separate layers of security airlock, respectively inflatable necessary, inflatable layers with several layers, more convenient and practical.
4.All air lock adopt uniform safety plug gas leak, do not even open the air lock leak, just hand grabbed for deflated air lock or insert a deflated rod (configured in the pool) can be.

1.Can not remember when using boiling water directly into the pool, to avoid damage to the pool, you should first put cold water and then put the hot water bath to a temperature suitable for the human body, but also let the children swim in the pool.
2.The best inflatable product saturation of 80%, do not over-inflated.
3.Children must be under adult supervision.
4.Save the body equipment, do not use water.
5.Remember not inflatable high-pressure gas.
6.Avoid sharp weapons or chemicals.



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