100pc Soft Bait 4-1g Fishing Lure 2 Color Jig Big Hook Clam Worm Bass Bionic Fishing Lure”


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100pc Soft Bait 4"-1g Fishing Lure 2 Color Jig Big Hook Clam Worm Bass Bionic Fishing Lure


Material: Silica gel
Type: Soft plastic bait
Product size:9cm
Product weight:108g
Color: Red,Green
Fishing places: ocean beach, marine

This product are made of silica gel material, soft hand feeling and excellent toughness.
Paired with a series of hooks, fishing for crucian carp, carp, grass carp, bream fishing bait and various carnivorous fish.

Item in good and clean condition.
Bionic red earthworms, clean and convenient,as well as economic benefits.
A helpful fishing lure for anglers.

1 According to the hook size, the best ways is cutint it into two or three piece with scissors,it will be more easy to absorb for fish.
2 When you wear bait,it should be reveal the hook tip,so it will be easy to pierce the fish mouth, and wearing a bait similar to the lead head hook of the hook to catch the fish.
3 After using it, the smell will be light, take home the best bubble in the essence or bubble meter with the syrup, the next can be reused, the effect is better!

Package Included:
100 x  nereis soft bait 

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